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Background history of MyintMyintKhin Myanmar Traditional Snacks

Myanmar traditional snacks enterprise was established in 1912 by U Thant and Daw Chit Chit who are my parents using the name “Shwe Nan Daw”.  The enterprise produced (25) varieties of snacks mainly htoe-mont and a few traditional snacks such as sa-nwin-ma-kin, kayaykayar and moon cake, all were made with raw materials bought from the suppliers. It was not very popular and successful at the time.

Current Situation          

Although the brand was launched and brand rejuvenation to “MyintMyintKhin Myanmar Traditional Snacks Enterprise” Since 1985,MyintMyintKhin enterprise registered a trademark registration in Myanmar in 1991. In 2016, the enterprise transformed a MMK Myanmar Traditional Snacks Company in accordance with Myanmar Company Acts. The Company has grown linearly and now it is well-known in every city, town and village throughout the nation.

“Htoe” means forcefully thrusting and stirring with – and “mont” means snack.  So, htoemont means – a snack that is made by forcefully plunging, kneading and stirring of glutinous rice and other ingredients (coconut, butter, sugar, oil) with a large wooden spatula while they are being mixed and heated.

Now MyintMyintKhin Myanmar Traditional Snacks is a leading and innovating brand in Myanmar Traditional confectionaries market. In addition, when Myanmar people from other regions visit Mandalay, it has become a norm to buy “MyintMyintKhin”Htoe Mont packages and give their friends, relatives and neighbors as gifts.

Vision, Mission and Goal

Although conducting a cost/benefit analysis is important in business, when it comes to behaving with “Integrity”, the Industry gives priority to the latter. Integrity is important to individuals, groups, organization and society because it creates “workability”. MMK Myanmar Traditional snacks Industry regards business as a means of creating job opportunities, rather than profit orientation.


MyintMyintKhin Myanmar Traditional Snacks Industry regards business as a means of creating job opportunities for our people, rather than profit – orientation.


Our vision is to preserve our Myanmar Traditional snacks, which is a part of our cultural heritage, against extinction, and


To fulfill the demands and tastes of all segments of customers.



To market lines of delicious, healthy, high-quality, safety and reasonable price traditional snacks that attract and satisfy customers in the fast-growing food segment;

အလျင်အမြန်ကြီးထွားဖွံ့ဖြိုးလာနေသောအစားအသောက်လုပ်ငန်းကဏ္ဍတွင်အရသာကောင်းမွန်၊ ကျန်းမာရေးညီညွတ်၊ အဆင့်အတန်းမြင့်မား၍၊ဈေးနှုန်းသင့်တင့်သည့်မြန်မာ့ရိုးရာမုန့်မျိုးစုံကိုထုတ်လုပ်ရောင်းချသွားရန်နှင့်

And thus, we do firmly believe that our industry can surely bring aboutnot only our customers satisfaction  but also the benefits of our staff and employees.



1.  To retain its present image as the most popular and highest-quality and food safety standard line of traditional snacks category in which it competes.

2.  To innovate new Myint Myint Khin Myanmar foods products integrating with other ASEAN traditional foods as a cultural mix.

MMK Innovation

MMK Company operated many different types of innovation such as product innovation, process innovation, service innovation.

Product Innovation

We could produce the uniquely high quality tasty snacks with traditional recipes that we usually use to make Myanmar snacks by using the fresh, home-grown fruits available in the domestic market with reasonable pricessuch as pototasa-nwin-ma-kin, carrot sa-nwin-ma-kin, pumpkinsa-nwin-ma-kin, mango sa-nwin-ma-kin, pop con kay a kay a etc. The company are now producing (86) varieties of innovative snacks.The big change was that the Company has produced most of the ingredients such as rice powder, groundnut oil, cream and butter on its ownto ensure good and healthy quality. We use organic and health-oriented. 

Without using chemical preservation to last the food products longer, we have bought the retort sterilization machine to be longer shelf life naturally. I already have the relevant  certificates such as FDA, ISO and HACCP which guarantee the food safety of the products.Regarding ISO and HACCP certificates, to produce the snacks in accordance with the higher standards of ISO and HACCP, working plan for the recent situation of the factory was made in 2018.

MMK enterprise conducted clear vision, Mission, Goal and Policy.

Quality Policy

The Quality Policy of MyintMyintKhin (Myanmar traditional Food) is written in this Quality Manual, and is placed in noticeable locations around the factory and customer access areas.

To ensure sustainability of customer satisfaction and trust.

To maintain excellent quality in Manufacturing services by monitoring daily quality control.

To encourage staff to have updated knowledge and advanced technologies by conducting regular on-job and off-job trainings.

Sales and Manufacturing

The factory is producing about (86) varieties of Myanmar snacks – including htoe-mont, la-mont (Myanmar moon cake), sa-nwin-ma-kin, kayay-kayar, various puddings, rusks, biscuits and cookies. Now, there are 12 branches of MMK snack business and distributed by 100 dealers in other cities. There are about (392) factory workers and (180) salespersons. 


Headquarter (office)

Corner of 31st& 78thmain street Mandalay.


91ststreets, between 19th&22thStreet.MinnTeEiKinn Quarter, Chan Aye Thar Zan township, Mandalay.Tel: 09-896500866 , 09-402640922,09- 2026931.

Sales centers

1.  No.62, 63, 65. Fruit market Zay Cho market Chan Aye Thar Zan Township. Tel:02-4033454, 02-4000325.

2.  ThriMandalar bus terminal Chan Aye Thar Zan Township. Tel: 09-896501466.

3.  Chan Mya ShwePyi bus terminal No.1, 2, 3 Tel: 09-977904664,09-977722277

4.  78th   street between 30th&31st street railway station Tel: 02-4033554, 02-4036361.

5.  24th street between 88th&89th street Tel: 02-4031684,09-969677146

6.  62nd between 33rd&34th street Mandalay.Tel:09-426811050,09-977904675

7.  Yangon-MandalayStreet(KyawesaeKan),Between 2nd& 3rd street,PyayeKyiTaKhone Township, Mandalay.Tel-02-4070406,09-977865740.

The factory is located on the outskirts of Mandalay, working 24 hours in shifts. There are about (392) factory workers and (180) salespersons.  There are 12 main distribution centers in Mandalay.

Distribution Channel

The products are distributed by fragmented retail system and traditional marketing channel to many cities, towns, and villages where they process the retail sales. MMK used Door-Store-Delivery System, Indirect system and Direct-store-Delivery (DSD) system.